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Video 27 minutes £5.00

Are your emails starting to stack up again and you need a quick refresher to get back on track? If so, then this course is for you!

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Video 27 minutes £5.00

The app used here is Nozbe, but this course will be useful to all learners wanting to set up a set up their “Second Brain” in an app.

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Video 20 minutes £5.00

In this course, Graham Allcott takes you through his personal, live “Second Brain” on the task management app, Nozbe.

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Video 30 minutes £5.00

Have you been on our “Stress Less, Achieve More” workshop, and temporarily fallen off the wagon?

If so, this refresher course should be just the ticket!

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Video 53 mins Free

Kick-start your journey into productivity as Graham takes you through the 9 Characteristics of a Productivity Ninja.

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Video 30 mins £5.00

Struggling to get moving on something? Is it Difficult, Undefined, Scary or Tedious? Yep, thought so.

Make the most of your time with our guide to busting procrastination using the DUST technique.

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Work-Life Balance

With the advancements of technology and the push for remote work, it feels as if our work and life balance is becoming increasingly blended day by day. It's easy to fall into the "always online" trap but we need to set boundaries.


Chatting productivity, work/life balance and happiness

Subscribe to Graham’s podcast and catch up with his latest guest. An inspirational and honest exploration of work, life and happiness.

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The Productivity Ninja Academy is an online learning hub to take your Productivity Ninja skills to the next level.
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Since 2009 we have been giving people the tools to do their best work whilst protecting their wellbeing.
Our Productivity Ninjas (that’s our trainers), deliver workshops, practical coaching and one-to-one consultancy to help you and your team achieve more with less stress.
We live and breathe Productivity.

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