Corporate Packages

Online learning options for your team or entire organisation

Help your teams navigate the distractions of data, communication and cognitive overload, work smarter instead of harder and make their work more impactful and fulfilling.  Help them to lift the fog and to get back in control.  Show your people that you’re a progressive employer who cares and invests in employee wellbeing.

Turn Your Team into high
performing Productivity Ninjas 

Ready to develop your talent? Instead of buying individual Black Belt Memberships, why not choose a Corporate Package and get more for your money? Simply fill in the contact form below and get a quote for your team!

Are you a Think Productive Inhouse Client?
All Think Productive Inhouse Workshop participants receive 3 months free Black Belt Membership, with access to all areas including all ecourses and the private Forum.  To find out more about extending this support and accountability beyond the first 3 months, fill in the form below!

Corporate benefits

How to be a Productivity Ninja - the eBook

Get the complete How to be a Productivity Ninja ebook for your teams and inspire them to live a Productivity Ninja philosophy of making space for what matters!

A Productivity Peer Group

Give your people access to our private Forum - a global Productivity Peer Group where they can ask questions, be accountable and support each other's productivity journeys.

Refresh and strengthen productivity skills, self-paced!

Yes, Think Productive Inhouse Workshops are where the magic happens, but we all cement new habits in different ways and at different paces. In the Academy, your teams can fine-tune their productivity skills at their own pace.

The App Wiki

Make it easier for your people to choose the right tools and apps to use (at home or at work) in our App Wiki. Our Productivity Ninjas test and recommend a select list of top apps they use themselves, so your people don't have to!

Turn new starters into Productivity Ninjas

Help your new starters get on the right path from their first day onward through embracing the Productivity Ninja mindset and skills.

Perfect for global teams

If your team has been enlightened by the "Productivity Ninja way", just imagine if your whole organisation was on the same page! Our corporate packages are for knowledge workers everywhere - no matter how small or big your team, or how global your organization.

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