Who should join the Productivity Ninja Academy?

Are you overwhelmed with work and life at the moment? Perhaps you're reading our "How to be a Productivity Ninja" book and want to bring it to life? Maybe you're a productivity geek (like us!) and you're looking to boost your work performance with apps or strategies, so that you can truly relax at home? Or you've participated in one of our Time Management Workshops and want to continue your productivity and wellbeing journey?

Whatever has led you to us, there's something for everyone in the Productivity Ninja Academy!
Come on in and join thousands of other like-minded, forward-thinkers and Productivity Ninjas-in-training around the world!

What’s the difference between an “Orange Belt” and a “Black Belt” membership?

Love the sound of the Productivity Ninja Academy but still unclear about which membership is for you? 

Panic not!  Head straight to our Pricing page and all will be revealed!

Which courses can I access with my Black Belt membership?

With your Black Belt membership you'll have permanent access to all our eCourses. These include:

The Quick and Dirty Procrastination Buster, The Way of the Productivity Ninja, Graham's Second Brain in Nozbe, Getting Your Inbox Back to Zero, The Productivity Ninja's Introduction to Mindfulness and many more from our growing catalogue of courses.

What’s the Sensei Club?

The Sensei Club will be your gateway to experience Live Ninja Clinics, Mastergroups and Exclusive Live Events.  Black Belt Members will have preferential access when it launches. 

Make sure you hit "Notify Me" on our Pricing Page to be the first one to find out more. 

How Do I Buy Multiple Memberships?

You can only purchase one membership at the time, which means you'll have to sign up and upgrade each individual account manually. However, if you are interested in purchasing 5 or more memberships, we can help you save money and checkout time!

Please email us with the names and email addresses of your new members and we'll provide: 

  • your Corporate Package discount price, 
  • payment via invoice (sales tax will be added if applicable for your location), 
  • welcome and login emails to your new members with no online sign up forms for you to complete! 
How do I buy Productivity Ninja Academy access for my team?

Whether you're an Employer, a Director, IT Manager or Head of Human Resources, Talent, Learning & Development or Staff Wellbeing, if you like what you see here and would like to get your existing staff or new starters thinking like Productivity Ninjas, you've come to the right place.

Perhaps you'd like to add our blended learning resources to your in-house learning and development program or you'd like to offer self-paced refreshers for your teams who've participated in one of our inhouse workshops?  We've got you covered!

Check out our Productivity Ninja Academy Corporate Packages and let's talk!

I’ve booked a Workshop for my team. Will they get access to the Productivity Ninja Academy?

Good news! If you've booked one of our inhouse or public Workshops, your participants will be asked to fill in a quick survey during the session which will then give them access to the Productivity Ninja Academy. 

All our Workshop participants get 1 month free Black Belt Membership (all features and ecourses), as well as access to their online Workshop Booster Packs (slides, useful downloads and full ebook) forever!

I’m a Think Productive Workshop Participant – what access do I have?

If you've attended a Think Productive In-House or Public Workshop, make sure you fill in your Workshop Survey to automatically receive 1 month FREE Black Belt Membership (all features and eCourses). 

As a Workshop Participant, you will also get access to an exclusive Workshop Booster Pack (slides, useful downloads and full ebook) forever!

What access do I have if I joined the Productivity Ninja Academy before May 2018?

If you joined the Productivity Ninja Academy before our relaunch in May 2018, we are granting you 3 months of FREE Black Belt Membership (all features, Forum and ecourses) as a thank you!*  You should have received an email about this when we launched but if in doubt, please email us at academy@thinkproductive.com.

After your 3 months are up, your access will automatically change to Orange Belt Membership (free), but you will have the option to upgrade to Black Belt Membership.

If you purchased any individual eCourses prior to the relaunch date in May 2018, you can opt to receive a refund for your eCourse(s) or one free month's Black Belt Membership for every course purchased.  You should have received an email about this when we launched, but if in doubt, please email us at academy@thinkproductive.com.

*This includes Think Productive Workshop Participants!  After those 3 months are up, you will automatically become an Orange Belt Member, but will of course retain your forever-access to your Workshop Booster Pack (slides, useful downloads and full eBook).

I’m busy enough as it is. What if I don’t have the time for the Productivity Ninja Academy?

The Productivity Ninja Academy is designed for anyone who wants to make space for what matters.
This means we know you will want to pop in, grab what you need and get started!
Our ecourses and tutorials are bite-sized videos which can be watched from any device and are jam-packed with practical strategies, tactics and tools you can start implementing straight away.
Our Academy library houses practical, useful stuff like checklists and templates you can download and use right away.
Unlike other online training courses, where you go through lots of theory and leave with notes which you never look at again, The Productivity Ninja Academy provides you with the theory wrapped in juicy practical actions.

We know you'd much rather be living life and doing, so let us help you make space for the good stuff.  For the price of two coffees(!), invest in yourself, join today and be supported on your productivity and wellbeing journey!

Is VAT included in your prices?

All our membership prices for private customers and businesses, stated on our website, include VAT. If you require a VAT receipt, please email our helpdesk at academy@thinkproductive.com 

If you're purchasing our corporate packages, you'll receive an invoice with the appropriate sales tax applied. 

What if I join the Productivity Ninja Academy and then change my mind?

We'd hate to see you go but understand that sometimes priorities change! 

If you're a Black Belt Member and would like to keep a productive toe in the Productivity Ninja Academy, you always have the option of downgrading to Orange Belt Membership before the your next payment is due, which will still give you access to some of our content for free. As a Black Belt member, we also offer you a 30 day money back guarantee during your first month. All you have to do is get in touch with our team at academy@thinkproductive.com .

Also, if you have suggestions for how we could keep improving and building the Productivity Ninja Academy, please message us at academy@thinkproductive.com - we LOVE feedback of all kinds!

Still have questions?

Haven't managed to answer all your questions? Please get in touch anytime with our team at academy@thinkproductive.com or call us on +44 (0) 1273 913 217 (Mon-Fri UK office hours).