Productivity Ninja Tactics: #9 Human, Not Superhero

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1. Productivity Ninjas aren’t superheroes. It’s not about perfection, but about being human and working to maximize our strengths, and embracing and learning from our mistakes.

2. Let’s create workplace cultures that embrace and celebrate our humanness, not ignore it – or require us to sacrifice our wellbeing in ways that ultimately aren’t productive.

9. Ninja not Superhero3. Get a “have done list”. Track your achievements.  Concentrating on what’s been done, rather than what’s still left to do creates a sense of progress and is motivating.

4. Fuel up, do your maintenance. Attention, concentration and creativity are all serious brain work.  Remember to attend to food, drink, fresh air, exercise, play, sleep.

5. You’re only human. Take breaks (lunch is NOT for wimps), set a work end time and stick to it.  Regularly working late into the night or at weekends isn’t worth it, or sustainable.

6. Tactics for home workers: create real and/or psychological divides between at work and not at work modes, e.g. different PCs (or different logins), ‘mock commute’ etc.

7. Brains (and bodies) need looking after. We need to recognize our limits, and know that (counterintuitively) sometimes the most productive thing to do is STOP working and rest.

8. Over connected? Refresh your brain by going regularly “unplugged”.  Swap your smartphone for a dumbphone when off duty, try screen free weekends.

9. What replenishes your mojo? What stops you thinking about work so you can fully recharge – hobbies, family, exercise, creative activities, volunteering etc.

10. Home time? Shut it down, then ignore it all till tomorrow.   Yes, we really did say that.  If you’re worried the world might end if you did that, we promise it’s quite safe.



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